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Advertising plays a critical role in generating leads for a new product or service; the future of every company depends on clever marketing. Manufacturers tend to rely on the expertise of media buyers to develop and implement a holistic advertising approach to get their product or service in front of the right buyers. That’s where we come in.

New Road Advertising strategizes and develops a marketing plan catered to your business’s needs and niche. We start by cultivating an understanding of your company, its existing target market, and its growth goals. Then, we work with you to decide the most impactful platforms for content. Every decision is made in collaboration with you and informed by your company’s data, engagement, and the bottom line in the context of today’s marketplace. Then, New Road relies on our unique approach to each platform to create a compelling campaign for you that lands your product or service in front of the people who matter most.

Different Forms of Media:


Television has been one of the most effective instruments for marketing in the past century. Reach and frequency are the two primary components of this medium, as it provides access to millions of viewers at once and offers a host of different niche markets.

While it stands as a longtime advertising industry standard, the number of spots available can easily be overwhelming to an inexperienced buyer. With New Roads Advertising, our expertise will allow for budget-friendly negotiations and precise placement of ads to ensure outreach to the targeted demographic.


Radio is an excellent way to advertise a product, especially during peak commuting hours. Considered one of the more cost-effective advertising methods, a client can reach a large target audience with a single well-placed advertisement. Radio programming can also provide access to niche demographics where certain products are more popular.


Digital media has been, by far, the fastest expanding medium in recent years. With the rise of e-commerce and the development of social media platforms, a new system is in place to purchase ad space. The two main methods of buying media space are Pay Per Click (PPC) Pay Per Impressions (PPI). The main difference between the two are in payments – PPC plans only charge clients when a link is accessed, while PPI has a flat rate for a predetermined amount of views or impressions.


Printed media has long been a cornerstone of marketing strategies, as it is an effective way to reach particular consumers in specific niches. You can also target localized areas through newspapers in a community, and specific interests can be marketed to consumers subscribed to publications relating to a particular topic.


Outdoor advertising is a tried-and-true yet straightforward method to promote a product. The strategy predominantly relies on choosing a prime location in which to place the ad. These locations include billboards on busy roadways, mass transit systems, and even on buildings and stadiums.

What Now?

Now, let’s talk. Our team of experts at New Roads Advertising will work with you to set obtainable goals, develop a target audience and a strategy for reaching them. We conduct a deep analysis of the effects and reach of an advertisement throughout the process, ensuring a solid ROI. With our data-driven approach, we’ll micro-adjust the campaign to maximize the impacts of our media buying services.