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Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves paid promotions on websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A type of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, SEM has the unique benefit that you only pay for each tangible result (each click).

PPC ads can be adjusted strategically according to other aspects of your marketing plan. If a website ranks high in organic searches, then we can safely lower the PPC budget for that keyword. These adjustments save money and ensure optimal returns for each advertising dollar spent but demand time and attention that often go beyond the bandwidth of in-house employees. New Road’s SEM services offer partnership, collaboration, and the time needed to micro-adjust your holistic marketing strategy to maximize your ROI.


Paid search ads are a vital aspect of any online marketing plan because they offer immediate payoffs. Nearly half of all clicks go to the top three paid ads on a search engine, and over two-thirds of clicks come from users who intend to purchase.


While SEO is a long-term investment, SEM campaigns begin to yield tangible results as soon as they go live. This strategy benefits newly launched products, startup companies, and those just moving into the digital marketing sphere. While your finessed SEO strategy works slowly in the background, improving your rankings naturally, PPC ads can generate clicks, sales, and new leads in minutes.


SEM employs highly specialized audience targeting, allowing your ads to reach the right users. SEM also involves remarketing, a tool that shows your site to users who have shown interest in your company before, which stands as one of the most profitable approaches to marketing out there. Search Engine Marketing campaigns are grounded in:

  • Finding the right audience across multiple platforms like Google, Yahoo, and more
  • Boosting brand awareness by targeting and retargeting your ideal customers.
  • Promoting your business locally with location-specific controls
  • Promoting specific sales, bundles, offers, products, or services with landing pages and a variety of eCommerce tools
  • Gaining high-quality leads, website hits, product views, and more


We offer results-driven Search Engine Marketing services to improve visibility, synergistically increase organic leads, boost webpage traffic, grow sales, and build brand awareness. Our SEM solution makes digital marketing simple, efficient, and sustainable for your company. New Road clients experience measurable growth with high-quality ROI through SEM.

Most businesses can immediately benefit from a targeted SEM strategy, particularly when developed as part of a comprehensive, tactical advertising plan that addresses multiple platforms. The New Road team leverages years of industry experience, emerging trends, and a client-focused approach to simplify and streamline marketing strategies for companies across industries and scales.

Applying a practical online advertising approach can ensure your advertising budget’s highest profitability while cutting expenses. Our tested, flexible, results-driven Search Engine Marketing technique begins performing right away with quantifiable results.

Reach out to our team today to start talking about how New Road SEM services can serve your bottom line.