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As digital media has expanded and consumers have relied on online shopping as much as – or even more so than – brick and mortar shopping, companies have faced the challenge of increasing their online presence across platforms, from website chat widgets to Facebook and Instagram. The demand for a more comprehensive online presence has pressurized and decentralized internal operations and protocols for companies in dozens of different industries.

As advertising specialists, we are concerned about everything that shapes a company’s online presence and anything that impacts consumer interactions and sales. That means we’re also in the business of helping our clients streamline communications and operations, which starts internally and heavily influences ad campaign performance, the bottom line, and much more.

SMART Comms is a comprehensive, holistic platform that emerged in response to today’s increasingly digital marketplace. It offers internal integrations with a host of platforms that make consumer interactions easy and efficient, features that help internal teams connect and stay organized, and capabilities that make time and money make much more significant impacts.

Internal Integrations

SMART Comms pulls all of your various threads of communication into one centralized space. Among its integrations are Facebook, Google My Business, CRM, website chat widgets, texts, and emails. This means you can access, monitor, and participate in conversations that are happening across platforms in one single program, making rapid responses easier and more efficient for your team.

Special Features

While SMART Comms offers many features, there are a few key ones to point out. Chiefly, all recorded calls and correspondence are centrally located so that all employees can see them. Having all communication live in one place means that calls and conversations don’t go unanswered, and employees can seamlessly pick up where their coworkers left off. SMART Comms also allows all contact information to update customer profiles automatically; phone numbers, emails, and names are filed into an organized system without any internal efforts.

SMART Comms focuses on helping businesses expand their customer base and reach new consumers. You can create and develop specific ad campaigns per product or service with certain demographics and goals in mind. The platform also allows businesses to send all new clients automated review requests, which helps boost online reviews and reputation.


The SMART Comms platform stands as one of the most advanced and far-reaching communication systems on the market today. Use all of these integrations and features to send mass unlimited text and email campaigns with the click of a button. This aspect of SMART Comms works in conjunction with its ability to tag people into specific product placement “buckets,” which makes for seamless and organized mass communication. Companies can customize your pipeline to execute new leads efficiently.

SMART Comms Platform with New Road Advertising

Our experience in marketing and advertising spans dozens of techniques, approaches, and industries, and we leverage our decades of combined experience to deliver thoughtful, tailored, and impactful solutions to all of our clients. The New Road Advertising team understands that effective and impactful marketing starts from within a company’s operations, which is why we are such a proponent of implementing SMART Comms Platform.

If you are interested in seeing how simple, streamlined, and automated communication across platforms can transform your operations and advertising impacts, reach out to our team today to talk about SMART Comms.