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Introducing SMART Leads AI – our newly launched tool designed to help businesses just like yours, bridge the gap between anonymous website visits and meaningful customer engagement. 

SMART Leads AI leverages advanced tracking technologies to identify website visitors and gather crucial information such as email addresses, phone numbers and more, with full respect for data protection laws. The beauty of it? They don’t even have to fill out a contact form!

But what’s the use of data if it’s not actioned? That’s why SMART Leads AI goes a step further. It integrates seamlessly with our drip email campaign system, nurturing these leads through personalized email sequences, designed to qualify them for your business.

This smart approach not only helps in saving resources spent on cold outreach but also in creating a pipeline full of potential customers who already have some level of interest in your products or services.

How SMART Leads AI Serves Your Business

SMART Leads AI pixels your website to capture and identify those visitors that are shopping on your website without leaving any information behind. 

We’re excited to help you take your lead generation efforts to the next level! If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, I’d love to connect and show you how SMART Leads AI can revolutionize your sales and marketing strategy. 

Let’s turn your website traffic into tangible business opportunities!

SMART Leads AI with New Road Advertising

The New Road Advertising team has decades of combined experience leveraging and implementing the latest technologies to expand and improve advertising effectiveness across industries. We use the SMART Leads AI platform to pave a road to success for all of our clients with thoughtful, individualized support and solutions. If you are ready to see how SMART Leads AI can transform your marketing campaign effectiveness, reach out to us today.

SMART Leads AI is a service from New Road Advertising.