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Technology-driven data harvesting techniques help companies to create effective, people-based advertising campaigns more so than ever before. Historically, much of advertising campaigns were based on predictions and catered to demographics that companies thought were the foundation of their customer base. Unsurprisingly, relying on predictions about who might purchase a product or service resulted in advertising campaigns that underperformed, failed to convert, and wasted valuable resources.

SMART Road technology eliminates missed opportunities and drives action-based advertising. How? By leveraging technology to collect data in real-time from various sources instead of advertising based on best guesses. With SMART Road technology, businesses can develop advertising campaigns grounded in accurate data. The technology lets companies access and identify consumers shopping at their competitors as well as find personally identifying information or PII. This PII data allows for intelligent segmentation with up to 150 fields of information.

How SMART Road Serves Your Business

SMART Road uses location services technology to set digital boundary fences around up to 20 of your most significant competitor locations. These fences identify mobile devices when they enter our boundaries and connect those devices with individuals, which allows us to harvest MAIDS and connect them to opt-in, self-reported PII. The result of SMART Road fences is an in-market list of who is shopping at your competitors within 24 hours of their visit. Additionally, SMART Road pixels your website to capture and identify those visitors that are shopping you without leaving any information behind.

SMART Road comprises four central components: Smart Boundary, Smart Pixel, Smart Intent, and Smart Watch. Here is how each one can serve your business’s advertising objectives.

Smart Boundary: Smart Boundary identifies actual people physically visiting a competitors’ location.

Smart Pixel: Smart Pixel introduces the concept of website visitor de-anonymization by identifying device IDs and connecting them with individuals, allowing companies to harvest opt-in, self-reported PII. Smart Pixel shows who is visiting a company website, clarifying customer bases and remarketing efforts.

Smart Intent: Smart Intent allows advertising specialists to set a threshold for landing pages viewed and identify the individual and a valid email address.

Smart Watch: The last component of SMART Road technology is Smart Watch, which gives advertisers the ability to recognize when a customer in their own database is browsing their website or, adversely, spotted shopping at a competitor. The Watchlist findings show up in a CRM with a recognizable descriptor of their actions, making it simple for advertisers to engage.

SMART Road Technology with New Road Advertising

The New Road Advertising team has decades of combined experience leveraging and implementing the latest technologies to expand and improve advertising effectiveness across industries. We use the SMART Road platform to pave a road to success for all of our clients with thoughtful, individualized support and solutions. If you are ready to see how SMART Road technologies can transform your advertising campaign effectiveness, reach out to us today.