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Social media has radically changed the marketing and advertising landscape throughout the last decade. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have transformed and expanded engaged audiences while changing the way we consume content. The growing pervasiveness of social media has put pressure on companies to deliver constant compelling, data-driven visual content and copy. Social media management has become another facet of the integrated marketing and advertising strategies needed to survive today’s fast-paced digital marketplace.

New Road Advertising’s social media services alleviate the pressure of social media-based advertising on companies and promise holistic, seamless integration with the rest of your marketing strategy.

Social media ads can benefit companies in several ways. Traditional Pay Per Click (PPC) ads through search engines or online retailers charge higher rates than Social Media Ads, even though social media often offer a more targeted audience and similar rates of use. Wondering how social media can serve your business? Here’s more about our unique, data-driven approach to social media marketing and advertising:


Social Media Ads offer the ability to choose hyper-specific groups, giving you access to the most relevant customers for your product or service. By studying and developing specific user profiles – those within an ideal age group, relevant interests, or local to your company’s geographic location – we can help you place your ads in front of the right sets of eyes. Not only does this improve your ROI, but you can also glean invaluable information about your existing customer base.


Whether expanding to a more generalized audience or seeking a specific demographic, the targeting functionality of Social Media Ads serves every business’s bottom line. Expand the scope of your reach, engage with new customers, and find new pockets in the market for growth.


Social media gives companies the unique opportunity to speak directly to consumers in real-time. And social media is, in fact, a very social digital space; there are millions of users spending downtime online and looking for interaction, which is conducive to authentic connection and better brand awareness.

Social media ads are the perfect approach to announcing changes, promoting sales, offering special pricing, and building a community around your goods or services. New Road works with clients to cultivate a cohesive and compelling brand voice, which enhances and improves the impact of targeted social ads. Social media’s informal atmosphere facilitates a more genuine and wider-reaching connection with your audience.


Repeated, regular interactions with social media ads lead to greater brand awareness. Meanwhile, your company’s unique voice can shine through social media, unlike any other advertisement avenue. Thoughtful social media ads keep your company at the top of people’s minds, which results in improved sales when they need to make a purchase.


There are countless places and platforms to choose from. New Road Advertising prioritizes the right platforms for your business based on your needs, goals, audience, and brand. We don’t believe in wasting ad spend, and we never just throw money and ads at every platform out there. We can help narrow down your ideal platforms to optimize your advertising spend on the best options. No wasted energy, effort, or ad dollars spent


Partner with a dedicated marketing team to make social media ads as practical and straightforward as possible. The specialized strategizing and attention New Road Advertising services yields accurate, quantifiable results through:

  • Quick audience growth/increased followers.
  • Higher engagement and website traffic – fast.
  • Demographic research and targeting
  • Original, keyword-driven ad copy
  • Remarketing to website visitors
  • Monitoring and reporting


Reap the benefits of a strategic Social Media Ad campaign by trusting our team of experts here at New Road Advertising. Our passion for client-focused work combines with our analytics-driven process to create carefully curated social media management that promises both short-term and long-term growth. Let’s have a conversation.