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Too many businesses overlook video advertising in their digital marketing plan. With an overwhelming and expansive arsenal of digital marketing and advertising tools, we understand how Youtube advertising is forgotten in corporate strategies.

However, online video has several advantages over static text and image-based marketing. Hear us out on this one. Firstly, movement from videos grabs and retains an audience’s attention more effectively. Even more importantly, online video has seen exponential growth in recent years and represents the majority of all website traffic to date. And, because other companies may overlook this valuable marketing niche, it’s underutilized. Successful online video ads offer a leg-up on the competition by capitalizing on ignored spaces in the marketplace. Here’s a breakdown of some of the how’s and why’s behind Youtube advertising.


How-to and product review videos give consumers valuable information on various products and services. Offering helpful content can set a company apart from its competitors, simultaneously helping its customers and improving search engine rankings. And since almost three-quarters of adults use YouTube, this kind of promotion offers boundless opportunities for return on investment.


YouTube now reaches more people in the US than all the major cable networks combined. In addition, more adults use YouTube daily than Facebook. Considering the site’s popularity, YouTube Services represent a potentially untapped market for advertisements of all kinds.

Additionally, Youtube is currently the #2 search engine in the country behind Google. It is also #1 for hispanic searchers.


YouTube is yet another digital space that allows for strategic targeting; your ads land in front of the most pertinent audiences for your product or service. By choosing users in a prime age group, those with interests related to your business, or simply those local to your company’s headquarters, ads are directed toward key demographics, both existing and new. Well-placed Youtube ads increase your relevance and ROI.


Businesses that create meaningful content gain more attention from both users and search engines. Our video services are original, keyword specific, and optimized for your audience. With flexible individual packages available for a variety of needs, video advertising is an excellent option for today’s competitive marketplace.


  • User Engagement
  • Brand Awareness
  • Search Engine Results
  • Website Clicks
  • New Leads
  • Increased Revenue

Our expert team of highly skilled marketing teams consists of creators, innovators, tech experts who can offer your business unparalleled, tailored Youtube services. We track the latest trends in advertising to offer a relevant, effective experience through cutting-edge commercial practices.


The most effective campaigns are individualized for your specific brand. We’ll research and create data sets to create ideal consumer profiles and generate on-brand video formats to grow your business. We carefully orient video content toward your distinctive voice. We then track the campaign’s progress and offer precise, transparent analysis to ensure optimal results.

With years of experience in video promotions, we can expand your reach, increase your audience, engage your followers, and increase your sales. Contact New Road Advertising to learn more about using the power of video to enhance your marketing strategy with our individually tailored video campaigns.